Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Tortured Artist

The priests came to me because there was a strange, rainbow-hued gateway in one of the gardens. Several of the Poisonous Ones had cordoned off the area, but they weren't sure what to do next. I went to investigate.

The gateway seemed to lead to some sort of artist's studio. I could see a young man, a painter, working on the other side. The finished works I could see were mostly pedestrian, but a couple of the pieces interested me. What really caught my eye, however, was that one of the paintings, half-finished, and lying discarded, seemed to be of me.

I decided it was worth the risk to investigate further, and stepped through, following two of my guards. The other two followed behind me. Stepping through the gateway, we were in the studio itself. The Artist was surprised, and seemed scared. He had a half crazed look in his eyes, and a confused tone to his voice.

As I looked around the studio further, I saw pictures of others I knew...Aimery, Ogmundr...and several portraits that might have been more Visitors. I asked him about the portraits, and he said that he saw them in his dreams. After a wild rant about something called the "go-lem," and fate, I told him to take me to see the world that he lived in.

He took me to a club, where the musicians played an enchanting melody on flutes, and drums, and trumpets, and some thing called a "piano." The singer was breathy and coarse, and spoke of licentiousness and vice. It was captivating, and I ordered him to get some recordings for me. At first he tried to say he would get them in the morning. This was not adequate, and I told him so. He immediately ran off to get them.

Or should I say...ran off. I got bored waiting at the club, and explored the city somewhat, eventually returning to his rooms. The gate I had taken to get to this place was gone. As morning neared, he had still not returned. I had my guards prepare me somewhere to sleep, and napped for a bit. When I awoke...still gone. This did not please me, so I had my guards bring me one of his neighbors to question. The man was no use, and I soon turned to using my children to track him down.

It took hours, but one found him on a train. I prepared my magics, and brought him before me. He was shocked, and immediately began trying to make excuses for his actions. He was lucky I did not show my displeasure, but I still needed him to make my gate back home.

He tried several times, but could not make the gate. Just as I was getting to the end of my vast reservoir of patience, a landing craft from my lands set down outside. I ordered him to gather his things, and took him aboard the craft, back to my ship.

This one had skills that would be useful, even if neither of us knew the extent of them then.

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