Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Journey

Reality Check

My first reaction was anger. I had not ordered the rains, or a storm. But it was soon apparent the storm was not a natural one. Even my anger, in its infinite majesty, could not rip the universe asunder.

Nonplussed, I molded myself into a cobra, and felt the warm sands of the desert embrace me as I made my way home. The arms of Geb did not comfort me, nor the soft touch of a lover. I lay in my bed for the rest of the evening, their silken scales gliding over my naked skin as I pined for the piece of myself I had lost.

As the sun crept into my chambers, I arose. I could not let this loss go unanswered. No one took from this Goddess that which I did not freely give. I would seek out one who knew of the travel between worlds, of the places where the shadows swirled, and where chaos lived. I would have answers. I would make myself whole once more.

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