Saturday, May 17, 2008

Introduction Questions

Give a two or three word description of your character. (Describe their concept.)
Venomous Egyptian Goddess
Do they have any nicknames, street names, titles, and noms des plumes?
Pharaoh, Goddess of the Floating Nile, The Firstborn, Lady of the Two Lands, Divine of Appearance, She Who Tightens the Throat, Queen of All She Surveys
What is her full birth name?
Where does she live?
She lives on a spacecraft designed to emulate the ancient country of Egypt in shadow Earth. The craft is nearly 600 miles long and almost 300 miles across. Ancient legends hint at the possibility of other crafts existing in the shadow, but they have not been encountered in the span of written history.
Why do she live there?
From as long as she remembers, she has always lived there. It is her home.
What is her citizenship status?
She's the pharaoh, the ruler.

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