Monday, May 19, 2008


Zesiro was raised as an orphan, and an only child. The priests raised her as a living Goddess. Her name translates as Firstborn of Twins, which would imply she had/has a sibling, but she doesn't know of any, and her people simply do not remember a time before her life.

Has she begun her own family?
She doesn't have any children, and hasn't married, although has taken a consort from time to time.
If not, does she ever want to have a family of her own someday?
One day, she would like to pass on her legacy.
What type of person would be her ideal mate?
Her mate should be willing to stand up for himself, and not be intimidated by a strong, charismatic wife.
What would you be willing to do to protect such a person?
She would protect someone she truly loved with her life.

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