Saturday, May 17, 2008

Physical Traits

How old is she?
How tall is she?
How much does she weigh?
150 lbs.
What is her general body type, frame, bone structure, and poise?
Tall, lithe, good bone structure
What is her hairstyle?
She has long, straight black hair she wears in a multitude of braids, or with headdresses.
What is her eye colour?
How attractive is she?
She is a goddess.
What is her most distinguishing feature?
Her striking good looks
Does she have any scars, tattoos, or birthmarks?
She has a birthmark in the shape of a scorpion on her stomach above her right hip. She also has tattoos of asps around her upper arms and ankles. The tattoos were done in her early childhood, and are often intertwined with actual snakes.
What is her handedness (left/right)?
Left Handed
What kind of clothing does she wear?
She wears clothing of the finest linen, embroidered with intricate patterns and inlaided with gold and jewels. Her arms, hands, feet, and neck are adorned with layers of jewelry and ritual insignia, and she wears a headdress of gold with lapis lazuli and fiance inlays, topped by a large, golden scorpion.
Does she wear makeup?
Her eyes are made up with kohl, and she sometimes uses henna to mark patterns or designs on her exposed skin.
What sort of vocal tone does she have?
Her voice has a flowing, lyrical quality, although it is known to turn sharp when she is angered.
Does she get sick?
She has never been known to be ill or injured in her lifetime.

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