Saturday, May 17, 2008


Where is her homeland?
The Floating Nile
What are it's people like?
In general, its people are easy going, peaceful, and productive.
Is she aware of its history?
In general, records of the time before her memory are hard to find, and most accounts of that period are treated as legends.
What are her opinions of home?
She loves her homeland, but in the last couple of years, has started to become a little bored.
Where is her hometown?
Her hometown is the royal city of Mennufer (the good city), also known as Ineb-Hedj (city of the white walls). It is located at the junction of the two halves of The Floating Nile.
What was the area like and how did it affect her?
The immediate area is almost completely occupied by the royal palace, government buildings, temples, and the men and women who serve as priests and government officials. Surrounding the city are the homes of the workers and farmers who support the city. As a result, she was insulated from the lives of the common people as she was growing up. In her early adulthood, she made some effort to learn more about their lives and livelihoods, but she still doesn't completely understand them.
What was childhood like for her?
She was raised as a goddess, not a normal human child. Her every whim and demand was met by servants and courtiers, and she was taught the legends of herself and her lands, and the true nature of The Floating Nile by the priesthood.
Did she have any childhood friends?
While she had a few playmates, she did not really have any childhood friends, as the children her age were awed by her divinity.
What conflicts might arise from her past?
Zesiro doesn't really have any memories beyond age eight or so, and has no memories of parents or other relatives. The history and legends of her people only speak of her being born from the sky. Her true parents, or other close relatives, might cause conflict should they make themselves known.
How does she view the heroes/legends of her country?
She tries to study them to get more information about her possible origins, although she is not a studious type, so the process is slow.

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