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[File Archive - One hundred and twelfth year of the Reign of Our Lady, Zesiro - 08:17 PM local time, War Room, Palace of the Sands, Ineb-Hedj]

Ogmundr enters the war room, carrying collection of bottles in one hand, and a collection of records in the other. "Your Empress, the player for these discs still lays in the ship. These artifacts are very delicate, thus I didn't risk their destruction. I can say the same for our native. I have figured out our plans, all operations are a go."

Zesiro replies, "Your plans are prepared."

"This is not the best test of our mettle, but it will be interesting. I suspected the discover of the atom was but decades ahead of these savages. Perhaps our hordes should not use their poisons, to make things close to even?"

"It will showcase what you have taught them more fully."

Ogmundr checks the sword-baton hidden in his fore-arm, replaces it, then tests the one strapped to his thigh, smiling. "Then a test for speed! The orders might have changed such." He places orders as he points to places on the map. "New Strike Points: Berlin, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles...Ready flight ships for major strike points. Once objectives have been achieved, return to your ships."

"Lead on, Grand Warlord. I will observe."

Ogmundr dons some leather armor, well fitted to his body and nods at The Empress. "Do not blink, you will miss something," he says with a smile as he boards his dropship. The panther dives after him.
[Zesiro speaks over the activity of the war room. Priests are running to and fro, delivering orders. Something of interest is shown to Zesiro on one of the view screens.] Shortly after he left, we began to receive reports of an explosion nearby. From the wreckage, a moon was headed towards the planet below. At that time, I had no idea what it would contain, but I would soon find out.

Ogmunder soon reappears in the war room, scratching his chin. "I know Erst's planet is not worthy. I'm only suspecting the new one might. Shall we switch targets and change plans, Empress?" He walks over to The Big Table and starts re-arranging pieces. Zesiro is lounging in a chair. She seems preoccupied, and does not respond. "Well, then, send all long-range scanners to the new target, retreat all ships from the old world. I have no idea what Her- My Mates (snorts) Diplomatic Relations is like, but she'd better if she not leave it to me."

I had sensed an intelligence on the other planet. One of my children, yet he thought as we did. This was something I had never encountered before. While I love them dearly, never has one of my children been able to speak with me in such a way.

Ogmundr continues to issue orders, "Ten Percent of our ships to invade the new lands. The remaining, go according to plans, but at a 1.13 factor. The Artist's planet will not be that hard. That is, unless Her Mostborn-ness wants to try the diplomatic approach?" He looks over to Zesiro, who is still non-responsive. "Hell, hold on. 100 percent back to invasion watery planet. What missiles we got against this newcomer?" He looks around at a bunch of slavering snakes. "WHAT MISSILES DO WE HAVE?"

Suddenly, Zesiro speaks, "Stop the attack on the new planet. One of my children is on it."

Ogmundr nods. "New crazy idea, Empress. We called it Ramming Speed in my worlds, very destructive to both. Not on the new planet, of course."

"And not with this ship."

He frowns, "Aw."

[Zesiro speaks as the footage speeds forward.] The invasion was more than successful, and soon the objectives were taken. We were analyzing the reports when Ernst finally awoke.

[The footage goes back to normal speed.] Ernst speaks, "Are you acquainted with the man of the elements? He's here, down there."

Zesiro replies, "The man of elements?"

Ogmundr turns to The Firstborn, "So, status report on interloper? Or shall we just... I don't know." He looks at the looted bottles, then at Ernst. "Which one's this Absinthe you speak of?"

"Yes, the Golem. The living microposopus. He's down there."

Zesiro answers Ogmundr, "I am awaiting his reply. Waiting for him to come to us."

"Wait, I'll show you!" Ernst runs to his possessions, unties a rolled up canvas, and shows off a somewhat similar picture.

Ogmundr speaks, "The Golem," and draws his baton strapped to his leg, tossing it around in his hand.

Zesiro stands. "Send a shuttle to the moon, and fetch back my child. And what is this, of one on the planet below?"

"Its watching us." Ernst looks to those around the room. "Uhm, I'm kind of hungry and I still can't figure out how to work the conch shells. Can I go get something to eat?"

Ogmundr goes to one of the guards and orders a 5 course meal for Ernst. "I will not get the Slaw of Cole here, will I?" The guard shakes his head, somewhat bewildered, then goes off. "Golem. Your child. Did you name it?"

"What does this 'golem' have to do with my child?"

"I'm not sure. We should ask The Pure One when he's not eating."

Ernst looks up. "I don't really understand it, and I don't think the Golem is the Empress's child. It's something else."

"Oh. Well." Ogmundr keeps toying with his baton,

"The golem is not my child. My child is on the moon."

Ernst turns to the guard who brought the food, "So... uhm, Ibis head. Does your advanced civilization have pancakes and syrup? Because that sounds pretty good right now. Helps with the whole annihilation of everything I held dear thing." The guard shakes his head.

"Come with me to the throne room, to meet him." Zesiro gets up and leaves.

"I'll be ready to skewer whatever it is, let me be informed if it's an enemy. Pan-cakes... the breaded wheat made of flat pans? That does sound good."

"Yes, the same. There's an entire universe in those doughy swirls."

Ogmundr shrugs, "Yes, my apologies," and leaves, yelling over his shoulder to Ernst. "You might want to come watch the spectacle, Pure One. You can bring your pancakes."

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